A passionate Haiku:

Mc’chicken with cheese

And French fries between thy buns

Become one with I

Anonymous said: Is that you in your tagged/me?

just rolled my eyes counter clock wise

1. go on netflix

2. go to The Twilight Zone

3. go to season 2, episode 6

4. watch “Eye of the Beholder”

5. trust this girl from Queens, NY

6. bye

if he ain’t acting right, boycott the pussy XxX

"Summer" - Calvin Harris

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I found a hair in my grilled octopus tonight. They quickly tried to blame me and I was like whoa, hold the fuck up. Not only is my hair tied in a high pony tail, but the tail is braided get the fuck out my face.

Who else pretends they’re blind by walking around the house at night deliberately not turning on any lights while on their way to the bathroom or for a drink of water in preparation for a potential tragedy in which your sight is lost or you suddenly find yourself in that dudes house from silence of the lambs with strict instructions regarding the application of lotion when he pulls that weak night vision move on you? Yup, same here and I’m getting really good at it too I barely stub my toes anymore and I may kick my cats in the abdomen once or twice but hey, it’s all part of the challenge Godspeed to the blind I admire ya’ll so much not even joking rn