I was making chicken francese and half way through it I realized I didn’t have lemons -_- so then I took a look to the right I notice my bottle of sweet and sour mix that I use for my amaretto sours… Basically I fuckin nailed it I think it came out better the than OG recipe #sundaygoals #sundayexcitement

A passionate Haiku:

Mc’chicken with cheese

And French fries between thy buns

Become one with I

Anonymous said: Is that you in your tagged/me?

just rolled my eyes counter clock wise

1. go on netflix

2. go to The Twilight Zone

3. go to season 2, episode 6

4. watch “Eye of the Beholder”

5. trust this girl from Queens, NY

6. bye

if he ain’t acting right, boycott the pussy XxX

"Summer" - Calvin Harris

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I found a hair in my grilled octopus tonight. They quickly tried to blame me and I was like whoa, hold the fuck up. Not only is my hair tied in a high pony tail, but the tail is braided get the fuck out my face.